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(Mt 6:5-15; Mk 11:24- 26; Lk 11: 1-13 Jesus teaches us  to pray)

Our Father/who art in heaven, /hallowed be Thy Name. /Thy kingdom come, /Thy will be done on earth, /as it is in heaven. /Give us this day our daily bread; / and forgive us our trespasses /as we forgive those who trespass against us; /and lead us not into temptation, /but deliver us from evil. Amen


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Matthew Chapter 1: God fulfills His Word

Matthew Chapter 1

This Chapter truly makes us believe in the Supreme God- He keeps His word; “A child is born of a Virgin.”
Today’s society is quite open and frank. But Son of God was born in a different era. He belonged to that time when things which are so common now were never heard of. The open relationship which exists now was never part of His world.
And, yet Jesus was born of a virgin. And He fulfilled every word of the scripture as per the will of His Father.

Read Matthew Chapter 1, to know about the genealogy of Christ.

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