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Gentle Jesus


Gentle Jesus listen closely

To the words that I would say,

‘Tis with love that knows no limits,

That I come to Thee today.

For without You life is empty,

With no comfort anyplace,

I have naught save You to help me,

Do not turn away Thy face.

Gentle Jesus teach me patience,

Take away this foolish pride,

Grant I only permitted,

To continue at Thy side.

Though my heart is sometimes weary,

And my eyes are filled with tears,

I have only but to tell Thee

And my sorrow disappears.

Gentle Jesus, Lord and Master,

Deep within this human shell,

Lives a soul which Thou hast ransomed,

It would love Thee long and well.

You have felt as I am feeling,

Who could better understand,

That the One who meekly listened,

To their “crucify the Man!”

Grace E. Easley

Taken from Sharing Jan-Feb. 2007 (Bi-monthly magazine of Diocese of Simla- Chandigarh)


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Why have doubts when you have entered in a relationship with God!


Solution to strengthening our relationship with God

I asked this question when I shared with my guide and mentor the fact that this Lent season I am trying to be the prodigal son who has returned. I said that I am not sure if:

  • I would be able to last the 40 days
  • be a good Christian
  • follow all the Commandments
  • be truthful to myself
  • leave the vices of the world and
  • truly be the person who loves and adores God

And he said, “Why have doubts when you have entered in a relationship with God?”

These words stuck me and all the doubts disappeared like the dark clouds on a sunny day. I am here today willingly to be God’s. I am aware that there are going to be challenges and I will fail, but that will not stop me in believing what I have always believed. The faith that has lasted this long will take me through it and the God so ever loving will guide me through it.

Saying NO was my strongest weakness and in just few days I have practiced saying it so much that I have started to acquire a new self confidence and strength within. I know you might say it is the beginner’s luck, probably few days back I would have agreed with you. But certainly not today, why you ask; it is because that I am with the ‘Miracle Worker’ now. I have prayed and read my Bible, being with the One who can make the mountains move just with the minutest of faith in our hearts, is the best feeling one can experience.

I am reminded of few lines which I had heard, “The greatest treasures are not gold, nor jewels, nor works of art. They cannot be held in your hands. They’re held within your heart. The worldly things will fade away as seasons come and go. But the treasure of true relationship will never lose its glow.”

The word “if” has no room when we are in a relationship with God.  Just enter, believe, pray and God will guide you and be there for you forever and ever.


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Year of Faith

Year of Faith

The commemoration of a new beginning


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