Reading Bible to know God

04 Feb

Reading Bible to know God

We all are too busy in this fast paced world with our work, friends, family, being successful in all that we try and do. But somewhere in this fast paced and jam packed life we have forgotten completely about our Creator- our God. We all come or draw near to God in our troubled times. And as soon as the situation improves we are back to being busy again.

Let’s join together to this small initiative of reading God’s word and spending a little time with our Creator.

To begin with read a chapter from the Bible. You can choose to begin from Old Testament or New Testament. It is up to your convenience. We shall be beginning from the Genesis.

Here’s how you can let the Spirit of God guide you through God’s eternal words:

Read: Prayerfully listen to what God is saying to you.
Think: What is the main hint of this passage? What does God- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- reveal of Himself? Is there an example or a warning to heed? What does Christ require of me now, in thought, word or action
Pray: Use the reading as a basis for praise, confession and prayer for yourself and others.
Share with others, by words or deeds or by both, what you learn each day.

We wish you all the best for your new endeavor and we will be happy to have you and your family and friends to join in our small initiative as well.

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