A Launching Pad

17 Jun

Simla chandigarh diocese a launching pad 01 Laws, are made for people according to the situation and environment they find themselves in-hence they are temporary. they are means of instructions-a living and continuous instruction. the law is intended to educate people to come to God. It is not intended to be observed externally only, but should guide people as a map along the road to God. Hence the laws should be internally observed. The greater the fidelity to the law, the more prosperity s increased.

The law is basically instructive. In school, for example certain laws and regulations are made to keep discipline and peace. They are catechetical and suited to normal life and are an expression of the life of the community. In the home too certain observances are necessary.

Laws: like

  1. Honor your father and mother;
  2. Be kind and neighborly to your fellowmen;
  3. Be decent and pure with yourself and your neighbor;
  4. Do not steal &
  5. Do not harm or kill your neighbor or destroy his property or take away his  good  name come, these have come from God through man so that we may be  able  to live a happy life.

A law serves to fear God. Also, by keeping the Law, you can give public witness to your vocation. This means that you have a personal sense of your vocation. In other words the Law draws us to the Love of God.

The Law therefore gives us a choice of Life or Death. It is merely an external Love of God and serves to make it practical. Laws therefore establish proper conditions for us to live our lives as:

  1. It educates as to what man is
  2. It gives us the knowledge of what His nature is
  3. It shows us man’s relation to God by keeping him away from the weaknesses that could harm him i.e., by protecting him against himself and by the gift of God’s own presence that he gives us in the law.

The Law is a launching pad. Every morning therefore we can start off once more and be launching towards God by obeying His commands and the various laws that help the immediate environment.

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