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God’s constant guidance

Lord welcomes us with open hands

Lord welcomes us with open hands

The Daily Reflection reading brought me to the most amazing verse from the Bible. So far my favorite verse was, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son,” (John 3:16). This constantly reminded me that God loves me and I can be what I want to be. As a matter of fact I could do anything under the sky (this verse gave me that much of liberty and when I say that I could do anything then I am referring to all those things which are quite not acceptable). And then also I have this another verse or say the full Psalm that I took freedom to be my trump card to pass through any difficult time i.e., Psalm 23. I have misused it to my advantage. Sheer signs of misbalance in my carefree and life full of enjoyment I would use it to my refuge. Apparently, life came to its full circle for me and I got the opportunity to return, I thoroughly understood the Prodigal Son’s story.

Lord, wants us to be His and at times He rebukes us in a fashion that brings us closer to Him. He has always wanted the best for us. The choice of free will and being in with Him all makes sense. Anything and everything becomes an affirmation of our faith. The words spoken, the actions taken as well as the deeds done all of it become the reflection of God’s work in our life.

I surrendered my all to the Almighty (no I have not renounced the world). I have surrendered my life, my thoughts, my words, my actions and my complete being to Him. I was worried sick that how this new change of events would work for me in the world we live in, would I falter, would I be lost again… Itwas then that this verses were presented to me as the Daily reading. “If you have received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him. Be rooted and built up in him, strengthened in his faith as you were taught, an overflowing with thoughtfulness.” Col 2:6

I fell on my knees and thanked God from the bottom of my heart for that it confirmed that my worries were not hidden from Him and that he was guiding me and helping me to go forth and be an example of His mercies.

The life will bestow many challenges and hurdles in my life. It is said that great journey’s begins with one step. I have taken this one step. I am aware that the path I have so freely chosen is the narrowest of all. And that walking away from it would provide me with the easy way out but the easy way out is not the solution. The easy way out is only the deep hole we dig for our grave. When one can differentiate between the just and unjust that is when the narrowest path seems wider that the 6 lane highways.

I would like to make a small prayer for the ones who have accepted Jesus Christ in their lives and have prepared themselves to walk the path of faith that the Lord constantly guide and help them.



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